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Pelosa Beach, a small heavenly paradise in Stintino, Sardinia

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Whether you come by car or walk, as soon as you pass the Cala Reale curve and you begin the descent, the scenery which opens up before you, kilometres away, is breath-taking. The bright light blue is a long strip nestled among the Mediterranean vegetation, the granite of the Asinara island and the blue sky. The Pelosa Beach is similar to an apparition, which strikes at the heart each time, even if you have seen the beach hundreds of times. After tackling the curves, leaving behind the marina of Ancora, immersed in the same light blue of Pelosa beach, and Gabbiano beach, we reach our destination. This is a beach which, never like in this case, can be defined a miracle of nature. The Pelosa beach is the combination of millions of fortunate coincidences: it is located in a particular position, sandwiched between the Piana island, the immense cliffs of Capo Falcone and the islet dominated by the Aragonese Tower; it is surrounded by two seas, the Outside one that faces Spain and the Inside one that faces the Asinara gulf; each day it is painted by the wind and the currents; the water is very shallow for hundreds of metres; it is formed by the fragmentation of billions of small seashells, by the mica released by the shale rocks, and by the pulverized granite carried by the northwest winds directly from the mountain that dominates Fornelli, at the Asinara island.

Today the gem of north-western Sardinia is experiencing a crucial moment, thanks to the project being carried out by the Town of Stintino which wants to free it from the road which during the 60’s reduced its dunes, thus interrupting an essential natural cycle. A long wooden walkway suspended on the sand will allow bathers to reach the beach from the car parks, located a few hundred metres away. In order to reach this paradise, you will have to do a bit of exercise. But it will be worth the while. Other new developments could concern the ban on bringing towels and large bags and you will have to rinse your feet before leaving the beach. This piece of heaven, in fact, for too long has been undergoing devastating invasions every day (with peaks of 7 thousand people daily during July and August weekends). In order to save it, it is essential to intervene with drastic and unpopular measures and, not least, limited numbers. A few fortunate people can enjoy this extraordinary place out of season, when nature resumes its cycles and the sea, like a painter, paints the Pelosa beach, giving it a different shape every day.

Author of the article and photos Giusi Casada

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